Why This Website


Lebanese Lira is our National Pride


We created this website for informational and educational purposes. 

Our Lebanese Lira is almost a hundred years old and went through extensive periods of hardships, but it was always there for us. We now need to be there for our Lira. 

Only a combination of Monetary, Fiscal and Economic policies can protect our national currency. The shortage of dollars and the unofficial capital controls have led to the parallel rate which is inevitable because the market needs to clear itself outside the system if the system is not able to provide foreign currency for trade transactions. 

To save the Lira and bring back the rate to the official one, the combination of policies need to be implemented urgently. 

Meanwhile, we believe it is important for the public to understand what is happening to their currency and how is the market reacting to the multiple events affecting the exchange rate. 

This website will explain the history and the economics of the Lira and will provide data based on regular market research. 

If we find it useful, we will give our opinion later on what type of policies need to be in place to reverse the current decline.